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Mobile casino Gow Poker Online

Pai Gow Poker Online as a Secure Gambling Place with Bonuses

Pai gow poker is an innovative type of poker game. It is a combination of Chinese and American poker played with a deck of 52 cards. So, pass the time with pleasure and find out how to win big money here effortlessly.

The List of Pai Gow Poker Online Sites in Canada
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Detailed Review of Pai Gow Poker Online 2024

Pai gow poker is something new in the gambling industry, so it is no wonder it is popular with players worldwide. This game type dates to ancient times and still holds its position. Here, it is possible to bet not only against other players but also against the dealer. Gamblers can enjoy numerous bonuses and a great variety of games available.

Pai Gow Table With Winning Combinations

Card descriptions down below provide a basic understanding of the Pai gow poker online casino game.

Hand type Description Payout
Royal Flush 10, J, Q, K, A of the same suit 2000 to 1
Straight Flush In sequence, five cards of the same suit 50 to 1
4 of Kind Four cards of the same rank 25 to 1
Full House 3 of a kind 5 to 1
Flush Five cards of the same suit 4 to 1
Straight Five cards in sequence 2 to 1
3 of a kind Three cards of the same rank 3 to 1

Overview of Pai Gow Bonus Payouts

There are also additional bonus fast payout opportunities to collect more funds.

Hand type Description Payout
7 Card Straight Flush e.g.5-6-7-8-9-10-J all hearts 5000 to 1
Royal Flush and Q/K suited e.g., 10-J-Q-K-A hearts plus Pair of twos 2000 to 1
7-card Straight Flush with Joker e.g., 5-6-7-8-9-10-J plus Joker 1000 to 1
5 Aces Four aces plus the Joker 400 to 1

What Are the Pai Gow Poker Odds?

Pai gow poker online is a game of luck mixed with experience. Only card distribution, arrangement, and brilliant strategy affect the chance of winning. Therefore, this game is perfect for players willing to master their gambling skills. There is a table below that represents Pai gow game odds information.

Hand type Odds
7 Card Straight Flush 5,000,000-1
Royal Flush and Q/K suited 2,000,000-1
7 Card Straight Flush 800,000-1
Five aces 140,000-1
Royal Flush 6,000-1
Straight flush 750-1
Four of a kind 500-1
Full house 36-1
Flush 25-1
Three of a kind 20-1
Straight 14-1
Two Pair 9-2
Pair 5-2
Nothing 13-2

Main Pai Gow Poker Rules

Main Pai Gow Poker Rules

Pai gow poker online is played using a standard deck of 52 cards with one joker. There can be up to six players at the table, plus the dealer, and they play against the dealer. Players make bets allowed by table limits.

Rule 1: Each player receives seven cards, which should be divided into high and low parts.

Rule 2: After this step, the dealer shows the banker’s hands.

Rule 3: High hand should have better cards than the lower hand.

Rule 4: Joker can substitute any card in 5 card combination.

Rule 5: Players win when both their hands prevail dealer’s hands.

Rule 6: In case dealer and player have equal hands, the dealer is a winner.

How Can I Win at Online Casino Pai Gow?

It won’t be very challenging to get the point of the game and play online Pai gow poker for money. But it still requires concentration, desire to learn, and time to get the best payouts.

You just must beat the dealer’s hands. When you win the round, your bet doubles. If you win only one of your hands, the round results in a tie. In case you lose the game, the dealer collects your bet. By the way, to make a profit, you can also use a bonus wager.

Pai Gow Poker Strategy for Best Payout

Pai Gow Poker Strategy for Best Payout

Knowing the best strategies can increase your chances of winning. This Pai gow poker online game’s main thing is to beat both dealers’ hands. Therefore, it is very important to split all the cards right. A really strong high hand can result in your winning.

  • Players should pay more attention to their five-card hand. But a two-card hand is also important.
  • If you get three aces, place two of them in the high hand and one in the low hand.
  • If you have three pairs, use the highest pair in the low hand.
  • If you got only one pair, put it in a five-card hand.

Pai Gow Game Variations With Highest Payout Percentage

This poker type is a wind of change for the industry, and although it is pretty new, there are some game variations:

  1. Pai Gow Fortune provides numerous no deposit wagering bonuses and Envy Bonus.
  2. Pai Gow No Push. The main distinguishing feature of this game type is that there are no draws.
  3. Progressive Pai Gow. It is the most attractive game variation because it offers a special jackpot feature. Except for the real money baccarat, you can get extra funds.
  4. Pai Gow Mania. This game time differs only slightly from the classic game. Here players have two side bet options.

Everyone can play Pai gow poker and choose game variations for every taste.

Some Advice and Tips for Winning Poker Online Real Money

Tips for Winning Poker Online Real Money

Players should heed some of these pieces of advice to understand how to play Pai gow:

  1. Before playing for real money, you can try out the demo version to practice and develop poker skills.
  2. Choose your winning strategy for getting the best Pai gow payouts.
  3. Make sure that you won’t get addicted to poker. Instead, you should do your best to maintain life balance and keep a clear mind.
  4. Learn how to split cards into high and low hands wisely.
  5. Always take bonuses. They can improve Pai gow odds and give some free spins to try other games.
  6. If something goes wrong, you can leave the game at any moment.
  7. Feel free to contact customer support.


If you are looking for the best poker service, Pai gow poker online 2024 will be a perfect option. Numerous game variations and attractive features evoke gambling drive and interest. Everyone wants to win mobile casinos real money without the risk of falling into the trap. Pai gow card game developers guarantee safety and security because a clear reputation is their top priority. So don’t lose the opportunity to dive into the gambling world and become an experienced player.